Join me on my baking journey!

Well, these were very simple to whip up this evening. I liked the dough (no, I’m not afraid of eating raw eggs) – could taste the coffee flavor and I liked it. The cooked version is good too, but I thought it lost some of the coffee flavor. But that could be due to the fact that I ate it warm, so the chocolate was all melted and may have overpowered the cookies. But these were really good, but definitely chocolatey — I am more of a fan of the cookie dough even without the chips, but I am odd. (I also like the cake and not the icing).
But tomorrow the kids will try them and we will see what they say!



Boca Negra! Yummy!

This week we made Boca Negra. I made it earlier in the week and we had it on Valentines Day. Unfortunately, I think my pan was an 8 inch and not 9 inch so 30 minutes wasn’t quite enough so it was underdone in the middle. But my oh my, did this taste great!! This is definitely on the make again list!!
boca negra

Gingerbread Babycakes

So, I made mine as a large cake. I had to go out halfway through when I realized I didn’t have enough molasses – who would have thought 2 cups were needed??
It was quick and easy to make and the house smelled heavenly. However, this wasn’t one of my favorites. I tried it and it was okay. But the molasses flavor was way too overpowering. But the recipe called for unsulphured molasses and I don’t know what that is so maybe that makes a big difference. I think I would cut the molasses by 1/2 next time and try to use corn syrup or maple syrup. Something to lighten up the taste. I was expected more ginger flavor rather than molasses. I tried it with a scoop of icecream and it was definitely better, but still not my favorite.

gingerbread 1

gingerbread 2

What did everyone else think of this recipe?

Best Ever Brownies

Wow!! This were fabulous! I can’t believe how easy these were to make and they tasted great. The kids scarfed these up — at that is left are crumbs!

Buttermilk Crumb Muffins

These were super easy to make and I love them! Although they really stuck to the pan but I seem to have that problem with muffins in my muffin tins. I will definitely make these again. I read about someone who made them into a cake and I have to say that sounds great!!


I love bagels – the crisp outside, the nice chewy center. These weren’t difficult but they were time consuming.

Unfortunately, I think my oven is cooking too hot and I need to adjust it so these were over done a bit, but they were still tasty.

I made them plain since that’s what that kids like but I think I will try these again with some variation.


I was so excited to make this! I love everything pumpkin. I don’t think I was able to let this rise quite enough on the first rise since it was late and I was tired, but it came out great. I knew it was a yeast bread so wouldn’t quite be like the pumpkin bread I am used to. But the whole family loved it sliced toasted and with some butter for breakfast, or a late night snack. I have a small loaf left in the freezer that I can’t wait to have!