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Chocolate Truffle Tartlet

I was so excited to make this decadent dessert. It was a lot of steps so I broke it into two nights – one night I made the crust and the second night I made the filling.

The crust was very crumbly when it was done in the food processor – I was a big worried about it, but once I had it pressed out it looked great!

For the filling I used milk and white chocolate chips since it made it was easy to find and I didn’t have to chop it. I did use biscotti but it was a different kind than in the recipe, so I used 3. It may have been a little too much but I like biscotti.

I even had a helper in the kitchen — my fiancee offered to help whip the yolks!

I timed mine for exactly 12 minutes and it looked pretty good.

I tried it that night after it cooled, and it didn’t really wow me. But then I had it a couple days later it was fabulous! It was almost like a drier fudge inside and we all loved it!



White Loaves

My first recipe for TWD. This is the “White Loaves” Recipe from the book Baking with Julia.

Now, it’s been quite some time since I have made homemade bread. Don’t get me wrong, I own a bread machine, so that generally makes things easy. But this was a nice change to get more hands on with my bread.

I have to admit, I did make this recipe twice. The first one, I think I was half asleep, because I didn’t put enough yeast in (I read my measuring spoon wrong), so I had to start over. I am not sure how the failed dough will work out though, but I did put in the freezer and may try to make cinnamon rolls or monkey bread with it. So, hopefully, all is not lost and I will get a second treat out of this!!

The white bread was actually very easy and came out beautifully!!!  I even tasted a little this morning, and it was just perfect, even without butter. This may actually start being a staple in the house. The kids are going to try it tonight, so I am anxious to get their reaction.