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So, the Rugelach was interesting. It sounded pretty simple – a lot of steps, but pretty simple. I made the dough one night, filled and rolled another, and sliced and baked the final night. Well, the first and last steps were pretty easy — the third not so much.

The first section of dough — I followed directions and rolled it out to 10 x 14 and then sliced lengthwise. However, once it was filled, it was very difficult to roll. I tried the best I could, but it wasn’t really pinwheel like. The second section of dough, I made more like a square since I thought it woud be easier to roll, which it was — still not perfect but better.

I had a ton of sugar topping left over!

Overall, they aren’t pretty but they really do taste great!!!  Will be trying this one again, but may modify it so its easier to roll.


Comments on: "Rugelach" (4)

  1. Oh please save me one! Would love to taste it!

  2. Yes, they were tough to roll! Good thing they were tasty!

  3. Yeah, the whole filling thing was a bit of a challenge due to its largess – but as long as they tasted good…

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