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Blueberry Nectarine Pie

I made this pie in stages. I made the fruit filling one day and then let that sit for a day while I worked on the pie crust. I was nervous about the pie crust — at one point I thought I put too much water in and was worried it wouldn’t come out. But low and behold I didn’t have too many problems. It was definitely a softer and stickier dough so it was a little difficult to roll out.

However, the pie as it baked smelled fantastic!! But we let it sit overnight (since I baked it at 9pm) to cool and set. We just cut a few pieces and this pie was excellent!!!  This is definitely a  keeper. Some of the kids didn’t like it but they aren’t really into blueberries, so I will let them pass on this one (more for me)!



Comments on: "Blueberry Nectarine Pie" (5)

  1. I agree about the crust. It was a little sticky, but it was worth it. Good thing your kids didn’t like the pie!

  2. looks like it turned out great!!!

  3. I like recipes that allow you to do them in stages – great for busy times. The pie looks beautiful!

  4. Such a lovely pie.

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