Join me on my baking journey!

I was so excited to make this cake. I generally love upside down cakes and chiffon cakes. Although, maybe it was a sign when I went to take a picture of the batter with my phone and I accidentally dropped it in the bowl of batter! (luckily, I was able to get a new phone — gotta love Apple!)

So, I remade the batter and all was well. I really enjoyed snacking on the struesel and considered putting it in some yogurt. However, when I made the recipe, I did not like the struesel and felt that it all took too much away from the cake itself. But, I am an odd-ball and eat cake for cake and not for the icing. So maybe I am in the minority here.

But I loved the light yet dense texture of the chiffon cake and may consider making that as a base for strawberry shortcake.




Comments on: "Upside Down Nectarine Chiffon Cake" (4)

  1. Did you put the streusel on the top of the cake (I guess it would be the bottom once you flip it to serve)? It looks like it from the picture. I think it is suppose to be placed in the batter. Pour half the batter, then streusel, then the rest of the batter. Maybe that is why it seemed too sweet for you?

  2. I put most – probably 2/3 in middle and then the rest on top. Isn’t that what the directions said?

  3. We liked the streusel, but a lot of folks didn’t. And the 2/3s or so in the middle and the rest on top was what was called for.

  4. We left out the streusel part, because it’s not so much my thing…
    It sounds like you had quite the adventure!

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