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Gingerbread Babycakes

So, I made mine as a large cake. I had to go out halfway through when I realized I didn’t have enough molasses – who would have thought 2 cups were needed??
It was quick and easy to make and the house smelled heavenly. However, this wasn’t one of my favorites. I tried it and it was okay. But the molasses flavor was way too overpowering. But the recipe called for unsulphured molasses and I don’t know what that is so maybe that makes a big difference. I think I would cut the molasses by 1/2 next time and try to use corn syrup or maple syrup. Something to lighten up the taste. I was expected more ginger flavor rather than molasses. I tried it with a scoop of icecream and it was definitely better, but still not my favorite.

gingerbread 1

gingerbread 2

What did everyone else think of this recipe?