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Gingerbread Babycakes

So, I made mine as a large cake. I had to go out halfway through when I realized I didn’t have enough molasses – who would have thought 2 cups were needed??
It was quick and easy to make and the house smelled heavenly. However, this wasn’t one of my favorites. I tried it and it was okay. But the molasses flavor was way too overpowering. But the recipe called for unsulphured molasses and I don’t know what that is so maybe that makes a big difference. I think I would cut the molasses by 1/2 next time and try to use corn syrup or maple syrup. Something to lighten up the taste. I was expected more ginger flavor rather than molasses. I tried it with a scoop of icecream and it was definitely better, but still not my favorite.

gingerbread 1

gingerbread 2

What did everyone else think of this recipe?


Comments on: "Gingerbread Babycakes" (4)

  1. This recipe definitely got mixed reviews!

  2. Reducing the amount of the molasses, without substituting with anything else, worked well in our case. It balanced the flavors in a better way.

  3. I agree…way too overpowering! None of my tasters liked it…it was fun to try anyway though.

  4. Didn’t care for this one. It certainly needed ice cream or any other “cream” to help lighten the strong flavor of the molasses.

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