Join me on my baking journey!

I was so excited to make this cake. I generally love upside down cakes and chiffon cakes. Although, maybe it was a sign when I went to take a picture of the batter with my phone and I accidentally dropped it in the bowl of batter! (luckily, I was able to get a new phone — gotta love Apple!)

So, I remade the batter and all was well. I really enjoyed snacking on the struesel and considered putting it in some yogurt. However, when I made the recipe, I did not like the struesel and felt that it all took too much away from the cake itself. But, I am an odd-ball and eat cake for cake and not for the icing. So maybe I am in the minority here.

But I loved the light yet dense texture of the chiffon cake and may consider making that as a base for strawberry shortcake.





I was really excited to make these — I just love gooey rolls so I thought these would be great. The batter was easy to mix together and put in the pan. However, mine overcooked.  I think the first bake was too high as well as the second bake. I would reduce the temp by at least 25 degrees each. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to test that theory. I also had a hard time getting them out of the pan — only a few came out without sticking. I tried to eat one, it was only okay – but that could be due to the fact that they were overcooked. The inside was nice and soft but there wasn’t much to the inside.  I may try these again since they were easy and reduce the cooking temp and/or time. I only had them in 10 minutes on the second bake.


Blueberry Nectarine Pie

I made this pie in stages. I made the fruit filling one day and then let that sit for a day while I worked on the pie crust. I was nervous about the pie crust — at one point I thought I put too much water in and was worried it wouldn’t come out. But low and behold I didn’t have too many problems. It was definitely a softer and stickier dough so it was a little difficult to roll out.

However, the pie as it baked smelled fantastic!! But we let it sit overnight (since I baked it at 9pm) to cool and set. We just cut a few pieces and this pie was excellent!!!  This is definitely a  keeper. Some of the kids didn’t like it but they aren’t really into blueberries, so I will let them pass on this one (more for me)!


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I am back!! I know I have missed a couple but I am trying to get back into the full swing of things! I got married Memorial Day Weekend and then took a fabulous honeymoon, so I was a bit preoccupied so I was behind on baking. So, I decided to make the biscotti ahead […]

Hungarian Shortbread

Today we made Hungarian Shortbread as part of the Tuesdays With Dorrie. Can I just say how great my house smells!!  This is fabulous.

I almost forgot to make this one because I thought I had til next week to post, but I got it in just in time, although I haven’t tasted it yet.

It was pretty easy to make. The rhubarb jam was a cinch – although I thought mine came out a little runny and yellow but it tasted great.



Can’t wait to update you all on the taste later tonight or tomorrow for breakfast!

But here’s a pic before it went in the oven.


Lemon Loaf

So, I made this for Easter Sunday and it was a big hit. It was fairly simple to make and I thought it would go well with the spring theme.

I didn’t take too many pictures of the steps since I had a lot going on for Easter dinner and was also making a lemon ricotta cake with strawberries.

My only complaint about the lemon loaf was that it was much darker on the outside was darker and more crustlike than I expected. I was hoping for more of a cake crust. But the center was to die for!  My fiance even put some whipped cream on and it was great. I think fruit would be a great compliment to this dessert or even for breakfast!

Pizza Rustica

OMG! This was soooooo good! It was nice making something that could be eaten for dinner instead of all of the desserts. I loved the crust.

I followed the recipe without deviation. It wasn’t difficult to make and didn’t take much time. My lattice isn’t perfect, but this is a rustic dish right??? But I may add some additional veggies next time!

This was before it was baked.

This tasted so great, that my fiance actually took it with him for breakfast – and he  normally doesn’t like ricotta. It’s a texture thing for him – so having it cold it was great!