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White Loaves

My first recipe for TWD. This is the “White Loaves” Recipe from the book Baking with Julia.

Now, it’s been quite some time since I have made homemade bread. Don’t get me wrong, I own a bread machine, so that generally makes things easy. But this was a nice change to get more hands on with my bread.

I have to admit, I did make this recipe twice. The first one, I think I was half asleep, because I didn’t put enough yeast in (I read my measuring spoon wrong), so I had to start over. I am not sure how the failed dough will work out though, but I did put in the freezer and may try to make cinnamon rolls or monkey bread with it. So, hopefully, all is not lost and I will get a second treat out of this!!

The white bread was actually very easy and came out beautifully!!!  I even tasted a little this morning, and it was just perfect, even without butter. This may actually start being a staple in the house. The kids are going to try it tonight, so I am anxious to get their reaction.