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Upside Down Nectarine Chiffon Cake

I was so excited to make this cake. I generally love upside down cakes and chiffon cakes. Although, maybe it was a sign when I went to take a picture of the batter with my phone and I accidentally dropped it in the bowl of batter! (luckily, I was able to get a new phone — gotta love Apple!)

So, I remade the batter and all was well. I really enjoyed snacking on the struesel and considered putting it in some yogurt. However, when I made the recipe, I did not like the struesel and felt that it all took too much away from the cake itself. But, I am an odd-ball and eat cake for cake and not for the icing. So maybe I am in the minority here.

But I loved the light yet dense texture of the chiffon cake and may consider making that as a base for strawberry shortcake.